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TCF Autocare Campervan and Classic Car Restoration

Campervan, Classic Car and Vehicle Restoration

TCF Autocare - the specialists in repairing and restoring VW Campervans, Classic Cars, Rally Race Cars, or anything that needs that extra bit of passion and care. From complete bodywork restoration and top quality resprays and refinishing, to coach work, upholstery, fine carpentry, electrics, plumbing, welding and even the odd bit of pimping, we can take your project from wreck to classic. 

From touch ups to complete resprays to complete projects, let us be as passionate about restoring your campervan as you are! We will even project manage your dream from source to camper heaven.

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Restored VW Camper Van T2

Iconic classic cars need a lot of work. Rust, missing panels, rot - all can be sorted. Let us bring our expertise to restore your wonderful classic motor and make it shine both inside and out.

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Restored MG Midget

From standout paint jobs, signage for the new sponsor and driver to bashing it back into the shape it had when it started the race - TCF Autocare will help keep your racing dream and car on track.

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Race car rebuilds

We don't just make cars and campers look beautiful - we buy, restore and sell vehicles too when we find something interesting. See our sales page to see if we having anything you want. If not, ask us, and we might be able to find you something!

Campervans and Classic Cars for Sale

Which Campervan Should I get?

A restored and gently customised VW T2

I reckon that for most people when you say "campervan" they are going to think of an old VW Camper - what is known as T1 or T2 - probably two tone with lots of windows and some curtains. But it is not quite as simple as that!

Choosing Your Classic Car

Owning and running a classic car is pure joy. But what should you look out for? Which cars should you avoid? A bit of knowledge can save you a lot of headaches in the future. If you are looking for your first classic, here are a few thoughts.